Managing Voice Over with a Family

Let me preface this with, I am not an expert. I am a full-time teacher that is slowly working on creating my voice over business, and by slowly, I mean at a snail’s pace. This was one of the things that I have learned for me. I can’t just switch from a job that paysContinue reading “Managing Voice Over with a Family”

Why Are You Doing Voice Over?

If you are like me, you may have had some people tell that you have a great voice and should get into radio or something. Maybe you have just always had a fascination with cartoons and their voices or who voices them. Maybe you were listening to an audiobook and thought it might be funContinue reading “Why Are You Doing Voice Over?”

Dealing With Being Alone

For the past couple of days, I have been trying to think about what I was going to write about today. I was a bit worried. Then as I was scrolling through LinkedIn, another voice actor wrote about how lonely and difficult it can be doing voice over. So I immediately gravitated towards that andContinue reading “Dealing With Being Alone”

My Experience With P2P Sites

I ran across a couple of blogs today about P2P sites or Pay-to-Play sites in voice over. When I first thought about getting into voice acting, this was a real shiny nugget glimmering in a sea of pebbles in what I should do to get started. They are constantly put in your face as waysContinue reading “My Experience With P2P Sites”

Becoming A Voiceover Takes Effort

The third installment in my “Becoming A Voiceover” series focuses around a big misconception that I had. This is also something that I have noticed from other people that I see inquiring about voiceover in Facebook groups and other forums. The misconception that I had was that once I became a voiceover, jobs would beContinue reading “Becoming A Voiceover Takes Effort”

Becoming A Voice Over Takes Time

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my journey to become a Voice Over Artist is that it does not happen quickly. I am in my second year since beginning my voice over journey and I have not scored a gig nor made a dime. I am not placing blame on anythingContinue reading “Becoming A Voice Over Takes Time”